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I speak for FENRZ and DLUX,they are born to the users of the global blower equipment.


As the market for blowers and reducers grows, the journey of FENRZ and DLUX to become the leading brand in the industry has been reduced by a big step. I am the CEO of FENRZ and DLUX endorsement, Kezhen Zhao. I speak for FENRZ and DLUX, they are born to the users of the global blower equipment and reducer equipment.

On the one hand, according to the statistics of the China Blower Industry Market Forecast and Investment Strategy Research Report published by the Huajing Industrial Research Institute of the National Bureau of Statistics, China's blower production has grown linearly since 2013. As of 2018, China's blower production was 34,412,730 units. It is estimated that by 2019, the total market of China's blower will reach about 20 billion yuan. Seizing the chance of the times, FENRZ expands the new factory, technological innovation, product excellence, and the brand strives for the upper reaches. The annual sales of blower equipment has exceeded 100,000 units, and has been talking to the industry with a stable enterprise strength. It has become the mission entrusted to me by the times. In order to benefit more industries and more companies, FENRZ takes the lead!

On the other hand, from the output of the reducer industry, according to the latest statistics, as of the end of July 2018, China's reducer output was 3.522 million units, it has increased by 8.09%. Transportation equipment, cement machinery, mining machinery, electric machinery and other industries are major consumers of reducer products, and their development will bring a broad market space to the reducer industry.

FENRZ and DLUX belonged to the same family. From 0 to 1, they experienced countless storms and overcome countless difficulties before they achieved today's achievements.

Founded in 2010, the company has grown from more than 10,000 square meters to a large-scale factory in the same industry. It has introduced advanced sub-fluid machinery technology from Germany. Each product design and development must go through seven processes with strict control. The company has now obtained the US UL safety certification; the results of each step are hard to come by. From the age of 18, I have taken over FENRZ to the present, the seven years of unremitting efforts are only for excellent quality.

FENRZ specializes in the production of high-pressure blower, high-pressure air pump, vortex blower, gas ring vacuum pump, water ring pump, gas ring blower, blower accessories and other series of blower products, a total of 7 varieties, 50 series. The products are made of high-quality aluminum alloy and processed by imported high-precision CNC machine tools. Products are safe and durable with novel design, unique technology and superior cost performance, and are sold well in the country, Southeast Asia, Europe, America and the Middle East.

DLUX is a modern comprehensive enterprise with independent intellectual property rights, integrating development, design, production and manufacturing. It has imported machining centers, turning centers, automatic CNC gear hobbing machines, gear shaping machines, and ultra-high precision testing equipment. Every part is meticulously crafted, and the perfect modular structure achieves extraordinary product quality: low noise, high precision, high torque and long life. It is suitable for servo motors of any manufacturer such as Yaskawa, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Fuji, and Taiwan TECO.

The company introduces and absorbs advanced machinerymanufacturing technologies from Germany and Japan for the purpose of producing the world's top products. The products are made of high-quality alloy materials, which are safe, reliable, stable and durable. The company manufactures each product with a sincere attitude, and is committed to providing customers with high-quality, high-efficiency and reasonable price servo-specific reducer in a convenient and quick way, creating the most favorable profit for customers and providing super high mechanical automation industry.     The quality of power transmission products, to enhance the company's equipment capacity and accessories value, has reached a greater business opportunity.

The market goal of ENRZ and DLUX is to allow brands to reach the world and penetrate all walks of life. In the next three years, large-scale big companies with endless sources will reach strategic cooperation with FENRZ and DLUX.

I speak for the FENRZ and DLUX by the position of blower and reducer,

As one of the important equipments in the traditional application industry, the blower is an indispensable tool in the production process of the downstream industry. The motor used in conjunction with the fan consumes 20% of the total power generation in the country! Manufacturing, power, petroleum, paper, printing, sewage disposal, plantation and other manufacturing industries benefit from the booming blower technology. Blowers have become an important foundation for the development of the national economy. As a key consumer product in transportation equipment, cement machinery, mining machinery, electric machinery and other industries, the reducer also plays an important role in the national economy. With the support of the state, with the recognition of the society, and with the reputation of users, FENRZ and DLUX will regard the manufacture of blowers as a mission.

I speak for FENRZ and DLUX by the high quality

For more than ten years, FENRZ and DLUX have focused on product details, from product development to parts production, every process is perfect, and every piece of raw materials strives for excellence. The use of each enamelled round copper wire is the best illustration. In an era that production capacity is prone to excess and product homogeneity is serious, FENRZ and the DLUX insist on using the best raw materials and live up to every trust of consumers. For example, the stator winding of the blower in FENRZ is made of high-strength enamelled round copper wire and processed by vacuum pressure dipping to form a complete whole. The winding and insulation have good electrical, mechanical, moisture-proof performance and thermal stability. 'Even a copper wire is important', this is my product requirements. FENRZ and DLUX will become enterprises with conscience that partners can trust.

Choosing blowers and reducers of FENRZ and DLUX is just choosing the good quality with stable balance of performance, high precision, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection.

I speak for FENRZ and DLUX by optimizing the service

The future is all about consumers. Only by satisfying consumers can FENRZ and DLUX survive. In order to meet requirements of more consumers, we have been optimizing the customer service and spare no effort to provide customers with 'one-stop service.' I said: Everything can be solved by FENRZ and DLUX, only by optimizing service can FENRZ and DLUX find problems in the whole process of manufacturing, and only innovative solutions can FENRZ and DLUX solving problems. FENRZ and DLUX can become the best blower and reducer service provider and manufacturer.

In the future, artificial intelligence is prevalent, and the mobile Internet era has entered a post-development period. Optimizing service levels and innovating diversified service models drive more small and medium-sized blower enterprises and reducer enterprises to rise. This is also my determination for FENRZ and DLUX. 

I speak for FENRZ and DLUX by promoting our brand

I have always stressed that I only want to do one thing in my life: the promotion of FENRZ and DLUX. In the era of big data in the mobile Internet, the importance of brand promotion is becoming increasingly important. I see a broader market with promoting.

In order to let more users know and understand FENRZ and DLUX, I have been working on brand promotion since 2018. In the online promotion line of FENRZ ad DLUX, there are thousands of people visiting every day on average. The reputation of FENRZ and DLUX has already blossomed in all walks of life in the country and the world. In the past, the FENRZ and DLUX relied on the marketing department to open up the land. Now, with the mobile Internet to promote the brand, FENRZ and DLUX are even more powerful. Over one hundred monthly orders, sales have tripled. The unique brand promotion model of FENRZ and DLUX will have more potential. Choosing FENRZ and DLUX is choosing the opportunity. Choosing FENRZ and DLUX is the choice of wealth!

I firmly believe that FENRZ and DLUX will definitely become the brand leader of the blower industry. In the future, the achievements of FENRZ and DLUX will be immeasurable!