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Suzhou FENRZ Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Fenglishi") is a company that produces high-pressure fan, high-pressure air pump, explosion-proof high-pressure fan, vortex fan, air ring vacuum pump, air ring fan, fan accessories, etc., a total of 7 varieties and 50 series. Fenglishi has independent intellectual property rights and is a modern comprehensive enterprise integrating development, design, and manufacturing. The annual equipment sales volume is as high as 100,000 units, and the market is exported to the whole country, Southeast Asia, Europe, America and the Middle East.

Since the brand promotion project fully started, the number of customers has greatly increased. The order of Fenglishi tripled at once, and the market went further. Some of them choose Fenglishi because they are fond of the products with stable performance and high cost-effect; some want to seek cooperation; some fancy the development and transformation plan of the artificial intelligence investment of Fenglishi in the future…

The comprehensive strength of Fenglishi is increasing day by day, just like the Dlux focused on manufacturing reducers. It is well-regarded to join hands with Fenglishi to spread wings in the future to make achievement. Together with Fenglishi, the future direction will be the same as that of Dlux, and it will be fully spreaded!

Create diversified products

At present, the utilization rate of high-pressure fans in daily chemical equipment, advertising equipment, automation industry, energy conservation and environmental protection industry is relatively high. High-quality high-pressure fan can greatly guarantee the efficiency and stability of industrial production. In the future, there will be more industries benefiting from the high-pressure fans from Fenglishi and the reducers from Dlux. There is no other reason. The high-pressure fan of Fenglishi has good performance, high efficiency and high standards. The reducers of Dlux is stable and widely used. Many manufacturers will eventually choose Fenglishi or Dlux when they are looking for high-pressure fan products or reducer products, because Fenglishi and Dlux can meet all the needs of industrial production.

Fenglishi and Dlux do not stop there, because they are continuously pursuing perfection.

In the future, Fenglishi will further develop in product performance, usage and application, and create diversified products to meet the individual needs of various customers. In the future, the high-pressure fans of Fenglishi are the same as the Dlux reducer. Good stability, high strength, high precision and high efficiency are the basic standards. Fenglishi and Dlux will also visit customers’ company and give solutions, provide high-quality customized products according to customers’ needs, and are equipped with perfect after-sales service.

In the future, Fenglishi and Dlux are committed to becoming the leading brand in the domestic automation machinery industry, providing partners with high-performance fans and reducers with the best price and a longer service life!

Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence

For the purpose of producing the world's best products, Fenglishi has introduced and absorbed Germany's advanced sub-fluid machinery technology. The product parts are made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which is made of high-tech, high-precision CNC machine tools. The products are safe, reliable, advanced and durable. And with its novel design, unique craftsmanship and superior cost performance, it is popular in the country, Southeast Asia, Europe, America, and the Middle East.

Times are changing, artificial intelligence is the future trend. Fenglishi and Dlux are planning ahead and speeding up their deployment in artificial intelligence. Learning and introducing advanced technology, combined with its own production advantages and product characteristics, coupled with artificial intelligence systems, they have created intelligent production lines, and generated intelligent products. Efficiency really matters in the future. Artificial intelligence can save a lot of manufacturing costs for Fenglishi and Dlux. 

CEO of Fenglishi Kezhen Zhao is using his artificial intelligence to enter the field of Internet of Things. With the advantages of big data, he has built a complete and intelligent fan product trading system. For example, when selecting a model, Fenglishi platform can match the fan product model or reducer model according to customers’ requirements; for example, when a product update iteration is required, the Fenglishi platform will automatically remind the customer of the maintenance time. It saves time and increases efficiency. Moreover, the products of Fenglishi platform support genuine authorization under the support of big data. Agents and distributors can realize formal entrepreneurship on the platform and enjoy life-long after-sale protection.

Fenglishi took advantage of artificial intelligence and developed a product trading platform through third-party software to create a brand new enterprise. Fenglishi and Dlux are innovative companies in the new era, bidding farewell to the traditional trading model of fan products. Customers can buy and use at ease.

At this moment, the choice of Fenglishi and Dlux brands is to bury the seeds of wealth. Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are the only way!

Brand Promotion and Online Exposure

Fenglishi has focused on brand promotion projects since 2018. Under the leadership of CEO Kezhen Zhao, the promotion of Fenglishi reached a new height. It has already achieved quite good results in the early stage of brand promotion. Three months before the implementation of the brand promotion project, orders for over 100 million Yuan have been harvested. This is enough to prove that the unique model of Fenglishi and Dlux brand promotion has unlimited potential.

The brand promotion plan will continue further. Online promotion of the brand in multiple channels will be focused, such as new media, self-media, portals, etc., to establish a marketing matrix, so that more people can know the role of fans and reducers, more users will feel the charm of Fenglishi and Dlux.. Of course, Internet marketing giants and brand promotion giants are welcomed, together with Fenglishi to find a breakthrough in the road of brand promotion.

To sum up, in order to meet the trend of the times, Fenglishi and Dlux will continue to create more innovative and high-quality products, so that each partner who chooses Fenglishi and Dlux will maximize the benefits. In the era of artificial intelligence, Fenglishi and Dlux will hack a way through difficulties and create industry legends!

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