model : 4PB 310 A75-940W

Technological       innovation 

Suzhou Fenglishi Industrial Co., Ltd. aims to manufacture top-notch high-pressure fan products. In addition to its well-known 2PB series of high-pressure fan products, it also has a revolutionary production of 4PB serie, which can produce differential pressure up to 1,000mbar, which is much higher than any other high-pressure fan products. Up to now, other systems that can produce a range of differential pressure are much larger, more noisy. 4PB series of high-pressure fan adopts bearings from domestic well-known company C&U Group to make fans run more smoothly and last longer, and uses the world's most famous brand 'SKF Bearing', so that the output of high power is still stable without abnormal noise. The pressure is stronger, the volume is smaller, the noise is lower, the performance is better, and the material is more specialized, which is enough to support its application under more demanding conditions. For example, in industrial sites such as construction sites, gas and fuel injection, animal manure fermentation and aeration, and incinerators, it has easily solved all serious production problems in harsh production environments. The 4PB serie of high-pressure fan shows its extraordinary power and can work continuously for 20,000 hours without downtime and maintenance. It is the leading product in the industry of 4PB high-pressure fans!


型号 (4PB 3AC)单级
doublefrequencypowervoltagecurrentMax airflowrated Vacuumrated compressnoisesWeight
4PB 310  A75500.94200-240v7.666-2503505718
4PB 320  A75501.5200-240v9.765-4005505932
4PB 310 H16single500.55200-240Δ/345-415Y2.8Δ/1.6Y66-2502505716
4PB 310 H26500.81200-240Δ/345-415Y4Δ/2.3Y66-2803505717
4PB  320  H46501.1200-240Δ/345-415Y5.4Δ/3.1Y65-4004805929
4PB  320  H56501.6200-240Δ/345-415Y7.5Δ/4.3Y65-4405405930



high-temperature resisting

model : 4PB 310  A75-940W
model : 4PB 310  A75-940W

Adopt bearings from domestic well-known company C&U Group

to make the fan last longer

model : 4PB 310  A75-940W
high power specification

Adopt European brand 'SKF bearing' so that the output of high power is still stable without abnormal noise

model : 4PB 310  A75-940W
special specification

Can be changed to Japanese original NSK bearings according to the negotiation so that the special requirements of customers can be met

model : 4PB 310  A75-940W

high-quality enameled wires from Ningbo Jintian

· Class H insulation level, high temperature resistance up to 180 degrees

· High stability

· Longer life

aluminum alloy casting

Aluminium-silicon alloys are used, with minimal tendency to crack

Low shrinkage, good air tightness

high seal

model : 4PB 310  A75-940W
model : 4PB 310  A75-940W
fixed mount

configure dedicated base board according to each fan product

easy and convenient to install


1 machine with 2 applications

Basically has the function of suction and blowing

Can be designed and used according to the actual needs of the equipment

double uses

model : 4PB 310  A75-940W
model : 4PB 310  A75-940W
one-time processing

Use a one-time processing method to keep all components dry

Run on the center of the circle

low deflection