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Technological   innovation

Dlux Intelligent Transmission (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is a modern comprehensive enterprise with independent intellectual property rights, as well as development, design, and manufacturing. With imported machining center, turning center, fully automatic CNC gear hobbing machine, gear shaping machine, and ultra-high-precision testing equipment. Each product is extraordinary with large torque and long life, also the noise is low, the precision is high. The planetary reducer of Dlux adapts to all servo motors of any manufacturers in Japan, such as Yaskawa, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Fuji, and Taiwan TECO. After years of research and development, the series of planetary reducer products, including ZA series, ZA series, ZE series, ZF series, ZD series, ZAR series, ZAR series, etc., are waiting for your patronage.


速比Speed Ratio
额定输出扭矩 T2NRatedl Output Torque  T2NNm130160140100130160140130160140100
急停扭矩 T2NOTEmergency Stop Torque T2NOTNm


2.5 times of Rated Output Torque

额定输入转速 n1NRated  Input  Speed   n1Nrpm4000
最大输入转速 n1BMax.  Input  Speed  n1Brpm8000
扭转刚性Torsional  Rigidity Nm/arcmin31
最大弯曲力矩  M2KBMax.  Bending moment  M2KBNm235
容许轴向力 F2aBMax. Axial Load  F2aBN2310
使用寿命Service  Lifehr20000(Life will be halved if continuously operating
噪音值NoisedB≤60(input speed=3000rpmno loaddistance 1M
使用温度Operating  Temp-10~+90
防护等级Degree of Reducer Protection
合成润滑油脂(终身润滑) Synthetic lubricant(lifetime lubrication
转动惯量 J1Moments of Inertia J1kg·cm20.480.470.450.440.470.470.470.440.440.130.13
精密背隙 P1Precision  Backlash  P1arcmin≤3≤5
标准背隙 P2Standard  Backlash  P2arcmin≤5≤8
效率 ηEfficiency η%≥95%≥92%

planetary reducer


High precision

Backlash less than 3 arc minutes, accurate positioning


High rigidity and high torque

The use of integral deep groove ball bearings greatly improves rigidity and torque


Strong compatibility

Connector and bushing mode can be installed on any private servomotor


No leakage of lubricating grease

Use high-viscosity, non-separable grease to effectively prevent grease leakage


Easy maintenance

In the life of the product, no need to replace the grease installation, more convenient