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B7 series
model : 2PB 720 H47-5500W
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Technological       innovation 

The technique that 2PB series of high-pressure fan used in Fenglishi are derived from the German sub-fluid machinery technology, all of which are formed by ADC12 aluminum diecasting. After processing by high-precision CNC machine tool, the motor insulation level can be reached at H, and the temperature resistance can be up to 180 degrees. There are more than 100 kinds of 2PB series of high-pressure fans produced by Fenglishi. They have huge flow and are particularly power-saving and durable. They are extremely tight, efficient and environment-friendly, they also have UL certification, which makes them much better than other high-pressure fan products on the market. 2PB series of high-pressure fan products are used in combination with blowing and suction, which can realize the functions of air supply, dust suction, exhaust, cooling, transportation, air cushion, etc., and can be applied to environmental protection equipment, water treatment equipment, industrial printing equipment, food packaging equipment and breeding production equipment. Fenglishi uses bearings from C&U Group, which is specialized in making bearings, and uses a one-time processing method to ensure that the entire machine components are running on the basis of concentric circles, with low resonance and low deflection. Under the same power, the performance will be improved by 30%~50% compared with other similar products, and it can be changed to the original Japanese NSK bearing if customers need. The fan in Fenglishi has excellent performance and long life. It can greatly increase the added value of your equipment, it’s perfect for you to solve all production troubles!


model 2pb(3AC)单级
singlefrequencypowervoltagecurrentMax airflowrated  Vacuumrated  compressnoisesWeight
2PB  720  H47double505.5345-415Δ600-720Y13.3Δ/7.7Y320-4405007370



high-temperature resisting

model : 2PB  720  H47-5500W
model : 2PB  720  H47-5500W

Adopt bearings from domestic well-known company C&U Group

to make the fan last longer

model : 2PB  720  H47-5500W
high power specification

Adopt European brand 'SKF bearing' so that the output of high power is still stable without abnormal noise

model : 2PB  720  H47-5500W
special specification

Can be changed to Japanese original NSK bearings according to the negotiation so that the special requirements of customers can be met

model : 2PB  720  H47-5500W

high-quality enameled wires from Ningbo Jintian

· Class H insulation level, high temperature resistance up to 180 degrees

· High stability

· Longer life

aluminum alloy casting

Aluminium-silicon alloys are used, with minimal tendency to crack

Low shrinkage, good air tightness

high seal

model : 2PB  720  H47-5500W
model : 2PB  720  H47-5500W
fixed mount

configure dedicated base board according to each fan product

easy and convenient to install


1 machine with 2 applications

Basically has the function of suction and blowing

Can be designed and used according to the actual needs of the equipment

double uses

model : 2PB  720  H47-5500W
model : 2PB  720  H47-5500W
one-time processing

Use a one-time processing method to keep all components dry

Run on the center of the circle

low deflection